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Yamaha Clavinova CLP-745 vs CLP-775: What’s The Difference?

The Yamaha CLP-745 and CLP-775 Clavinovas represent the two middle models in the new 700 series. Both boast a raft of new features introduced across the range, including the newly sampled CFX and Bosendorfer grand piano sounds. These are two of the most desirable concert grand pianos in the world, fetching incredibly hefty price tags, and they’ve been painstakingly sampled using brand new technology to ensure that the sound you get from your 700 series Clavinova is expressive and truly authentic. Whilst these two models share many similarities, there are... Read More


Taylor Days Sale – Free Baby Taylor & 36 Months 0% Finance Available!

DEAL EXTENDED UNTIL 31st MAY 2020! For a limited time only, every purchase of a USA-made Taylor guitar (300 Series and higher), will get a FREE Baby Taylor acoustic guitar! No strings, no catch – just a free guitar. Plus, to add to the deal, we’re also offering a massive 36 Months 0% Finance* on ALL Taylor guitars on top! Yes, that means you can spread the cost, interest-free, over 36 months AND get a free Baby Taylor. To get your free Baby Taylor… Find your chosen USA Taylor guitar... Read More

Casio GP300 vs GP400 vs GP500 Grand Hybrid Bechstein Comparison

Casio and Bechstein – two of the most well known names in music, have collaborated to create a product that looks set to revolutionise the world of digital pianos. The Casio Grand Hybrid Celviano series, made in very close collaboration with Bechstein comprises of three models; the GP300, the new GP400, and the flagship GP500. Casio have been at the forefront of music technology for the last 35 years and even developed the first ever electronic keyboard. Bechstein on the other hand, have a rich history, steeped in tradition spanning... Read More

Fender VS Gibson: What Are The Differences Between Them?

There are many different brands of electric guitar out there on the market and here at Reidys, we try to focus on a variety to give you as much choice as possible. Two of these brands – Fender and Gibson, are absolute gargantuans of the industry and have been around for decades. You’ll more than likely have seen some of your guitar heroes wielding one of the two, or perhaps both. The two most well known electric guitars of all time come from both camps… Something we get asked quite... Read More

What Are The Differences Between The Novation Synths: MiniNova, UltraNova and Bass Station II?

The synthesiser can be one of the best instruments to get creative with. The range of sounds you have available at your fingertips can be inspiring. But, also sometimes it can be overwhelming, and with all the different options available – which synth is best for you? Novation are one of the top dogs when it comes to anything music tech related – their range of MIDI keyboards and controllers is incredible, but they also have a few different synths available at the moment – the MiniNova, UltraNova and the... Read More

Yamaha Genos VS Tyros: What Are The Differences?

The Yamaha Genos workstation keyboard was announced a few weeks ago as the replacement for the Tyros series. Many were anticipating a Tyros 6, but instead of building on a previous model, it looks like Yamaha have decided to start from scratch with the Genos and create an entirely new product. We don’t have all the details or spec yet, but from the looks of it, the Yamaha Genos looks like it will still very much cater for the Tyros fans, as well as a new generation of players. Yamaha... Read More

New Gibson Original & Modern Collections Released

We present to you… the brand new range of Gibson electric guitars. Gone are the days of a yearly series – no more 2019, 2020 Gibsons etc. I’m sure we’ll see odd limited runs, but the guitars listed below are the Gibson USA stock models. Now as I’m sure you’re already well aware, Gibson are under new management and are looking to their ‘Golden Era’ to move the brand forwards – this means no more auto tuners, wider necks, adjustable nuts etc – just straight up Les Pauls, SGs, and... Read More

Thunderbolt vs USB Audio Interfaces – What’s The Difference?

There is no doubt, the world of audio production can be a confusing place for the budding recording artist. If you don’t know the benefits of an audio interface that uses Thunderbolt technology, compared to one using USB, then why bother upgrading, right? Well, let me try and clear some of it up, then you can decide if it’s worth it for your particular situation. Getting Technical The differences between a USB and Thunderbolt interfaces are purely technical. Fundamentally, the functions of both mediums are exactly the same; the difference... Read More

Yamaha Genos Is Here – The Next Generation of Tyros Keyboard Workstations

The hotly anticipated Yamaha Genos is finally here! As one of Europe’s top dealers, we were invited to Berlin for the launch and had to keep our lips tightly sealed until today. The new replacement for the flagship Yamaha Tyros arranger keyboard series takes everything that was loved from Tyros and brings it to the next level. At first glance, you’ll notice a streamlined, intuitive design with a big 9″ touch display taking the centrepiece – no more button bashing to get where you want to go, just tap the... Read More

Fender Vintera – Vintage Mojo For The Modern Era

Fender launch Vintera – a new series of guitars and basses with an eye on Fender’s rich heritage with all the vintage appointments you’d expect, but at a very accessible price. The range replaces the old Classic, Road Worn and Baja models. Built in Mexico, the new Fender Vintera series reimagines and consolidates the old Classic series which hosted the Classic Player, Road Worn and Baja models. Vintera points, aims and fires straight at their golden eras of guitar manufacturing with the hopes of building a guitar with all the... Read More