Fender Limited Edition George Harrison Rosewood Telecaster

This one I’m extremely excited about. Fender have announced they’ll be making 1000 Rosewood Telecasters, modelled on George Harrison’s ‘Let It Be’ era guitar. In recent years, we’ve only seen Custom Shop versions of this hallowed instrument. George Harrison is my all-time favourite guitar player (as I know he is many others’) and, ever since watching the famous rooftop Beatles gig as a child, I’ve lusted after a Fender Rosewood Telecaster. Now, they’re available at their most affordable price, albeit in limited numbers.

Despite recent CITES regulations, the George Harrison Telecaster is crafted pretty much, entirely from rosewood. It’s got a rosewood neck, topped with a laminated 9.5″ radius rosewood fretboard and a chambered rosewood body. Rosewood is a dense wood so without the chambering, it would be very heavy – it also means that the guitar resonates a bit more. Using rosewood for the body material means you get a unique sound – lots of clear, defined highs, and lows.

The George Harrison Rosewood Tele is fitted with ’64 Gray-Bottom Single Coil Tele pickups and wired up with your classic three-way selector switch. Other nice touches are the vintage ‘F’ stamped tuning pegs, a mid-60s C neck profile and an Om symbol on the neck plate – a lovely nod to Harrison’s massively spiritual side.

These are coming in in very limited numbers and they look set to be an incredible homage to the greatest guitar player of all time (…IMO).


  • Mike

    I was lucky enough to get one of these from Canada, it was dissed by UK border force as I didn’t have the CITES paperwork in the correct chronilogical order
    After 3 appeals common sense prevailed and it was saved from being destroyed and yet let me have it.
    It is a beautiful piece of kit and the neck is to die for. It did need setting up out of the box but nothing major
    Sounds and looks fantastic a real keeper

  • When are the George Harrison teles arriving and how much are they please?

    • They went a long while back sorry. You’ll only pick these up second hand now