Introducing The Yamaha b Series Pianos

I have been playing and selling a variety of pianos for many years now and it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Yamaha b Series pianos to you and give you a run down of why you should consider buying what is not only an incredible musical instrument, but a work of art too. I have always loved these pianos; youngsters can learn quickly on them and as an adult you can simply get lost in another world, without the need for any other accompanying instrument. Enjoy the making of music on one of the best instruments in the world.

If you decide to acquire one of these lovely instruments it will be delivered free of charge at your convenience with a free tuning before and after the delivery, plus we will supply free of charge a lovely matching stool. We also consider part exchange and can take away old unwanted pianos if required. The quality and craftsmanship of these pianos is absolutely superb, but, for extra peace of mind there is a 5 year guarantee with every piano. My reputation and the reputation of Reidys that my grandfather established in 1922 is on the line with these pianos as I want to make sure that you get the best service in the UK. You can contact me personally via email – or via telephone – 01254 265212 if you have any questions at all regarding these pianos. I do hope that you have many years of fun and enjoyment with your purchase.

b Series Overview

The guys and gals over at Yamaha put their whole lives into making pianos; I was lucky enough to see their dedication when I went to their factory in Japan last year. Having seen this, I am incredibly proud to be able to sell these beautiful pieces of art. The Yamaha b Series pianos are made in Indonesia, abiding to very precise specifications. The factory is so clean, you could even eat your dinner off its floor! Every piano is meticulously made and every note played in 500 times, by a machine that tests the whole action. It’s then tuned four times and regulated. When it gets to Yamaha England, it’s lovingly unboxed, regulated again ready for its final tuning and inspection. Within the Yamaha b Series there are three pianos – the b1, the b2 and the b3. Whilst there are subtle differences between these models that render each step up slightly superior, there are some features that all three models share that I will talk you through.


Yamaha b1


Most of the parts in a b1,2 or 3 are actually produced by Yamaha themselves in-house which means that not only are supply issues negated but that Yamaha can conduct its own quality control ensuring your piano is of the highest quality. There are also cost benefits too, which then get passed down to you. For example, every one of the 5,500 components that make up the pianos action, the piano frames and even many of their tools and jigs are produced in-house. The action rail is also made from aluminum, something that is unique to Yamaha. This makes the piano impervious to temperature changes – very handy for us in the UK where we can have all seasons in one day!
Many consider the soundboard in a piano to be the most important part. Lucky for any b Series customer, Yamaha boast superior expertise when it comes to soundboard production. Both the b2 and the b3 have solid spruce soundboards, giving the pianos incredibly rich resonance. The b1 has a laminated soundboard but, because of its slightly smaller size, this doesn’t affect its tone as much and still sounds absolutely fantastic. Everything from selecting the wood to finishing it is done by experts who take the utmost care and pride in doing so. The 16-20 tonnes of pressure created by the strings at full tension curves the soundboard slightly, a little like a speaker, giving the piano fantastic resonance. Another thing unique to Yamaha that helps give the b Series some of its incredibly rich, sweet tone is how they use steel and fine copper to make the strings. Not only this but the pins that hold the strings in place are made from high strength carbon steel and coated with nickel to prevent corrosion. This is yet another precaution from Yamaha to ensure that your piano lasts you for years and years and can be something that you can pass down to your children and grandchildren. Other features such as high quality hammers, keytops and keyboards all add to the resonance and durability of the instrument.


Yamaha b2


The wood used in the production of the Yamaha b Series pianos is not only carefully selected for its quality but also for its sustainability. Yamaha responsibly source and replenish the wood that goes into that manufacturing of these fantastic instruments. They hold the ISO1401 Certificate for continuous environmental targets, they recycle and they consciously make an effort to save on electricity, giving you peace of mind that you’re buying from a company that cares for the environment as well as for the product that you end up with.


Yamaha b3


Here are some features specific to each model within the Yamaha b Series:


Yamaha have been making this piano for ten years and it has since become an industry standard for instruments around this level. The contemporary compact design of the b1 means that it’s suited well for smaller rooms. It stands at 109 cm tall and has wooden blocks on the bottom which help it resonate with the floor.



The middle piano in the Yamaha b Series combines incredible performance with affordability. The b2 is a little taller than the b1 at 113cm; this increased height means that both the soundboard and the strings are longer and therefore has more resonance and a larger tonal spectrum. Its size also gives it a superior sound, with more depth and volume. The b2’s cabinet boasts a traditional design with legs so it really makes a great visual impact. One of the main upgrades is the solid spruce soundboard (as opposed to laminate wood on the b1) which resonates beautifully. Also on the the bottom of the b2 are four casters that mean moving the piano is a lot easier. Another upgrade is underfelt on the hammers; this is essentially another layer of felt that adds more weight to the hammer as well longevity and stability. Not only this but it also helps players be little more dynamic and expressive in their playing.



The b3 sits at the top of the Yamaha b Series and is based on the U1, Yamaha’s most famous piano and makes for an very desirable instrument indeed. Whilst it is certainly approaching professional standards, it maintains what the b Series is all about; combining incredible quality and performance with value and affordability. It’s 121cm tall so it’s got a huge tonal range and, like the b2 has a solid spruce soundboard however, its increased size means the sound is even more powerful while remaining very articulate. Also because of its size, it has an extra post on the back adding more stability to the larger soundpost and strings. The hammers are of a higher grade and like the b2 have underfelt. The instrument also has high quality casters on the bottom. All the pianos in the b Series have a bass overhanging bridge which helps the lower frequencies project. The b3 also has a treble overhanging bridge meaning that all frequencies on the piano are projected incredibly well.


Not only do you have a choice of piano within the Yamaha b Series, you also have a choice of finish. Please see below for these beautiful different finishes.

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