NAMM 2019: Blackstar HT5 MKII & HT1 MKII Announced

The Blackstar HT range has been massively popular ever since it was released. The MKII range saw some really cool improvements, keeping everything you loved about the old ones and changing the things you didn’t. We expected to see a MKII HT-1 and HT-5, and here they are!

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Shop Blackstar HT5 MKII

They’ve completely redesigned these amps, and they sound incredible. The HT-5 MKII has been made to give you the broken up sound of a trouser-flapping 100W valve amp, without the insane volume. It gives you a sweet, harmonically rich crunch that is hard to find from any other amp this size. Check it out in the video:

Even if you don’t want the full 5W, you can knock it don’t to 0.5W, meaning that it’s super bedroom friendly, without having to sacrifice tone. Both the HT-5 MKII and HT-1 MKII are available in head and combo format, and feature Blackstar’s new and improved studio quality reverb. They’ve also both got a USB output that allows you to record your valve amp, without having to mic anything up – just plug it straight into your DAW. Here’s the video for the HT-1 MKII:

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