NAMM 2020: Limited Edition PRS Silver Sky Nebula

John Mayer’s signature guitar gets another makeover in the the form of the limited edition PRS Silver Sky Nebula. PRS have added two new finishes to their regular production Silver Sky – Midnight Rose and Polar Blue, as well as adding a maple fretboard option – read more on that here.

Pre-Order Silver Sky Nebula

This looks like a really nice finish – completely unique, giving off purples, blues, silvers and more, depending on how it catches the light, plus there’s only 500 of them going to be made worldwide. Do you remember that TVR car from the early 2000s with the two tone finish? The PRS Silver Sky Nebula reminds me of that – and that was a damn fine car… This is what PRS say about the finish:

“This limited-edition Silver Sky is outfitted with a unique “flip-flop” finish that reflects hue and light differently at different angles. This polychromatic finish accentuates the lines of the Silver Sky’s body and gives the guitar a dynamic look that is both delicate and powerful. Perfectly timed with the start of a new decade, this finish also reflects the Silver Sky’s goal to redefine what a vintage-inspired guitar can be and shift the focus to the future.”

Underneath that psychedelic finish, the PRS Nebula is just a regular Silver Sky, so expect the usual incredible playability and super clear, and dynamic vintage-inspired tone. These guitars are incredible (if you haven’t already – try one), and the Nebula is a nice little addition to the range, whether you’re a fan of Mayer’s or not.

Pre-Order Silver Sky Nebula


  • IN HO


    Can I reserve the PRS silver sky nebula model?

    • Richard Blenkinsop

      I’m afraid all ours have pre-sold!

      • Rachel

        Hi, any way I can get one please?

        • Richard Blenkinsop

          I’m afraid all these have sold now; we just have the regular Silver Sky models.

    • Cat

      Can I reserve the silver sky nebula?

      • Richard Blenkinsop

        I’m afraid all these have sold now; we just have the regular Silver Sky models.

  • Daniel Slater

    I want one of these. Please notify me when available.