New Yamaha PSR-S670 Announced

Yamaha have just announced a new installment to their hugely popular PSR range, the PSR-S670. The new model (which is available to order now) brings several relevant updates taken from Yamaha’s flagship Tyros 5 digital workstation along with brand new improvements focused on contemporary live performance. With two assignable live controllers, a modulation wheel, two assignable footswitch inputs, an arpeggiator and the new ‘Multi-Pad’ sampler, the PSR-S670 gives you maximum control of voices, styles, effects and other functions in a naturally intuitive way.


Upgrades compared to the PSR-S650

• 128 note polyphony
• New Voices including MegaVoice, Live!, Cool!, Sweet! Voices and Organ Flutes.
• New styles including Pro, Session and DJ styles.
• Arpeggiator.
• Two assignable real-time controllers.
• Modulation wheel.
• Double expansion memory (32 MB).
• Enhanced effects (Reverb, Chorus, DSP).
• Master compressor and Master EQ.
• Music Finder.
• Multi Pad with Audio Link.
• Audio recording/playback with software crossfader.
• Enhanced connectivity: Aux. input, line output, two assignable pedal sockets.
• 2 x 15W amplification.
• Compatible with apps including Chord Tracker for iPad and iPhone.

New Features

Powerful features for live performance

The PSR-S670 features two assignable live controllers, a modulation wheel and two assignable footswitch inputs, ensuring that you have total control over voices, styles, effects and other functions during live performance.

A new concept for performing live

DJ Styles are a new live performance concept featuring a collection of programmed chord progressions. This leaves both hands free to play melody lines, use the live controllers or even trigger additional audio samples with the Multi Pad. With new arpeggio function, PSR-S670 will play the phrase for you when you are holding chord.

Outstanding sound quality for virtually any type of music

Enjoy authentic acoustic sounds at your fingertips- play pianos, saxophones and other instruments, all with breath-taking reality; or explore the powerful synthesizer sounds, with incredible sonic capability for electronic music of all types.

Let your music take you to new places

Voice & Style Expansion Packs enable you to customize the PSR-S670 with a wide range of additional content from all over the world. When loaded into the keyboard, you can instantly access authentic new sounds, rhythms, and backing in the musical style of your choice. For even more versatility, use Yamaha Expansion Manager version 2.3 (or later) to link the PSR-S670 to your computer.* Yamaha Expansion Manager allows you to create individual expansion data sets containing content from various packs. You can even create your own voices based on your samples.
*(available during 2015)

Great on stage, in the studio or at home

Audio data can be played back with the USB Audio Player or triggered using the Audio Link Multi Pad function, giving you even more creative options. The PSR-S670 also has an AUX IN input to connect your audio player and a dedicated line output that makes it easy to use the PSR-S670 with a PA system for larger venues.

Chord Tracker

Have you ever tried to figure out what the chords are to your favorite songs? Yamaha’s new Chord Tracker app does the hard work for you, and much more! The Yamaha Chord Tracker app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad helps you practice and perform songs by analyzing the audio song stored in your iOS device and then displays the chord symbols for you.



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