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NAMM 2019: Orange Tremlord 30 & Pedal Baby 100

by Richard Blenkinsop. Posted on 2019-01-10 11:05:09

Two new amps from the brightest company in the industry. Orange have announced a vintage style clean amp, with built-in tube driven tremolo and reverb - the TremLord 30, and also a power amp head, ideal for players who get their sound from their pedalboard - the Pedal Baby 100.

Orange TremLord 30

Available in both orange and black, the TremLord is, in Technical Director Ade Emsley's words, "the amp that Orange never made." It's a 50s inspired, 1x12, EL84 based, 30W valve amp. Everything, apart from the rectifier is valve driven. As the name heavily implies, the TremLord does have tremolo on board - you've even got two footswitchable speeds you can quickly switch between, or cut out entirely. There's also loads of reverb on tap, thanks to the two-spring reverb tank - splashy and crashy; perhaps not the kind of reverb you'd normally associate with Orange.

The Orange TremLord has been designed with clean headroom in mind - more than any other 30W amp they've made before. The 12" Lavoce speaker helps keep the amp clean as you turn it up, as well smoothing out the top end a little. Keep on cranking the volume though and you'll start to get that unmistakable Orange bite. Like many of Orange's recent designs, the TremLord features switchable power options, so you can run it at 30, 15, 2 or 1 watts, and also a valve-driven FX loop.

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Orange Pedal Baby 100

This is a really cool amp for pedals. If you don't want to lug around an amp, or full sized head, you can use this through a cab and use your pedals to get your sound. It's small, light, and gives you 100W of power. The Pedal Baby is more neutral than the clean channel of an amp so it really lets your pedals shine. On the amp, you've got treble and bass knobs so you can boost, or cut frequencies as you see fit, and a volume knob.

What's different about the Orange Pedal Baby, compared to other portable power amps is that it's Class A/B, whereas most others are Class D. Most 2x12 cabs run at 16 ohms, and most 4x12s will run at either 8 or 16 ohms. The Pedal Baby, through 8 ohms will give you 100W, and through 16 will give 70W, so you've always got plenty of volume to gig with. A Class D power amp, on the other hand, through 16 ohms is likely to have its power quartered. The Pedal Baby is a great tool for travelling guitarists, or players that get most of their sound via pedals.

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By Richard Blenkinsop for Reidys. Posted on 2019-01-10 11:05:09