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NAMM 2017: Kawai CN27, CN37 & ES110

NAMM 2017 saw the release of some brand new piano upgrades from Kawai. The Kawai CN27 replaces the CN25, the CN37 replaces the CN35 and the ES110 stage piano replaces the ES100. Every few years, piano companies tend to update their models to make the most of advances in technology, meaning that you get a more authentic and enjoyable playing experience. Kawai CN27 and Kawai CN37 The Kawai CN27 and CN37 are at a good price point (£1159 and £1419 respectively), appealing to both beginners as a great first instrument,... Read More

NAMM 2016: Gretsch Streamliner Guitar Range

Gretsch have added another series to their lineup of electric guitars. The Gretsch Streamliner range offers players the classic look, sound and feel that the company is famed for, at the most affordable price yet. They’re versatile instruments ideal for someone’s first guitar, or indeed as another gem in an already established collection. Think modern features, but with vintage styling that’s very typically Gretsch. Gretsch guitars have been played by some of the biggest names on the planet including rock n roll legends Brian Setzer, Eddie Cochran and Bo Diddley... Read More