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Fender VS Gibson: What Are The Differences Between Them?

There are many different brands of electric guitar out there on the market and here at Reidys, we try to focus on a variety to give you as much choice as possible. Two of these brands – Fender and Gibson, are absolute gargantuans of the industry and have been around for decades. You’ll more than likely have seen some of your guitar heroes wielding one of the two, or perhaps both. The two most well known electric guitars of all time come from both camps… Something we get asked quite... Read More

Fender American Strats: Pro VS Elite VS Special – The Difference Between Them

Within the modern range of US built Fenders, there are different versions of the Strat that can leave even the most experienced players a little confused. In the last year, two series have been discontinued and replaced. The American Standard has been replaced by the American Pro, and the American Deluxe has been replaced with the American Elite to reflect changes in players’ needs and wants. The Fender American Special, American Professional and American Elite Strat offer players a slightly different feel and sound, whilst still retaining that characteristic ‘Strat-ness’... Read More

A Guide to 2019 Gibson Les Pauls: Standard vs Traditional

The Gibson Les Paul has become an icon within the world of electric guitars and is one of the most popular instruments around. For just one guitar though, there are number of variations and as such, making the right choice for you can seem a little daunting. To help with this, we’ve put together some information that will help highlight some of the major differences between the various Gibson Les Paul models. 2019 Les Paul Standard 2019 Les Paul Traditional Pickups Burstbucker Pro Rhythm & Lead (Alnico #5) Coil-Tap Internal... Read More

Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s vs 60s: What’s The Difference?

Recently, Gibson revamped the entire USA range, doing away with the yearly series, and sticking with a diverse lineup made up of core models, that players genuinely want. The new guitars can be split up into two categories – Original and Modern. Sitting atop of the Original series are the two Les Paul Standards – the 50s version and the 60s – there’s also a 50s P90 model, but that’s fairly self-explanatory. This article will explore the differences between the new humbucker-equipped Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s and the 60s.... Read More

Digital Piano Comparison: Yamaha VS Roland VS Kawai VS Casio: Which Brand Is Best?

With so many different digital piano models available from various brands, it’s easy to get lost and wonder what the difference is between them all. We’re frequently asked, “which digital piano brand is best?” to which, there is no firm answer as it’s based on preference. However, each brand has unique features exclusive to them that might help your decision a bit easier. Yamaha CLP665GP Digital Grand Piano in Polished Ebony Of course, if this article doesn’t answer all of the questions you have, just contact us! It’s also worth... Read More

Fender American Strats: Special VS Standard VS Deluxe – The Difference Between Them

Edit: Please note that both the American Standard and American Deluxe Strats have been discontinued and replaced by the American Pro and American Elite Strats, respectively. I’ve updated this comparison so that you can get the most up to date differences between the Fender American Special, American Pro and American Elite Stratocasters. Read New Strat Comparison The Fender Stratocaster. It’s one of the most iconic instruments ever made thanks to its proliferation within popular music in the 1950s and 1960s. Now, everybody uses them, from Nile Rodgers of Chic to... Read More

Gibson Les Paul Standard vs Les Paul Custom

The Gibson Les Paul Standard and Les Paul Custom are probably the two most popular models within the Les Paul range. The Custom is a little older, making its debut in 1954 when the man himself, Les Paul wanted a deluxe version of the regular guitar – the idea behind it was to create a guitar that was still very much a Les Paul, but one ‘dressed up in a tuxedo’. The Standard then came along in 1958 and the rest is history. So, is the difference between the Les... Read More

A Guide to 2019 Gibson Les Pauls: Traditional vs Classic

In this article, we’ll be looking at the differences between the Gibson Les Paul Traditional and the Gibson Les Paul Classic. The names of both these guitars do sound similar and even to look at, there aren’t a great many differences. However, given that there is a few hundred quid difference between the Traditional and the Classic, you would expect that there are features that set them apart. And you’d be right. Les Paul Traditional Les Paul Classic Pickups Burstbuckers 1 & 2 (Alnico #2) Volume & tone knobs handwired... Read More

How To Sound Like Hank Marvin

Hank Marvin is one of, if not, the original guitar hero. He’s the reason why many people play a Strat. In the late 50s and 60s, Hank’s playing was unique and fairly groundbreaking. Even today, his playing style and sound is instantly recognisable. Whilst a huge part of his sound comes from the man himself, a lot of it does come down to gear. As such, if you want to know how to sound like Hank Marvin, take a look below. This isn’t aimed at being a comprehensive guide to... Read More

A Guide To Vox Amps: Which One Is Right For Me?

Vox have been going since the 1950s and as such have a very rich history. The brand is synonymous with the 60s British invasion music movement and has since become a global icon. Pretty much everyone has used a Vox amp at some point, from the obvious choices like The Beatles, Oasis, Paul Weller, Hank Marvin, Radiohead etc to some that might surprise you; My Chemical Romance, Brian May (Queen), Matt Bellamy (Muse), All American Rejects, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters and many more. If you go to any decently... Read More