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PRS SE Bernie Marsden 2017

by Richard Blenkinsop. Posted on 2017-08-31 11:59:13

Here it goes again - the PRS SE Bernie Marsden is making its grand return, albeit in limited numbers of only 300. A few years ago, these guitars were a huge success, offering players classic rock tones in a solid, affordable guitar. Now it's back, with a couple of improvements, in three different finishes.

First off, it's now got a satin neck, lending a different feel to the usually glossy neck. This was first done by one of the techs at PRS, much to Bernie's delight. I got to play one recently; the satin finish, combined with the fairly chunky 'wide fat' profile proved to be a really comfortable neck. Is this love? Quite possibly - I do very much like a big neck.

The 2017 PRS SE Bernie Marsden is fitted with two SE245 humbucking pickups, and the body is made from mahogany, topped with a maple cap. Expect a big, old-school, beefy sound, ready for rocking at any time - first thing in the morning, or in the still of the night. Like all PRS SE guitars, the 2017 Bernie Marsden will come shipped with a padded gigbag.

Bernie himself does play these guitars, and he's known for owning one of the most sought-after and desirable guitars of all time! The 2017 PRS SE Bernie Marsden holds its own next to much more expensive guitars. It's available in Vintage Sunburst, Dark Cherry Sunburst and Grey Black, and they're probably not going to be hanging around for long. If you're a fan of all things Bernie, then check out our PRS Private Stock Bernie Marsden guitar - hand signed by the man himself.

By Richard Blenkinsop for Reidys. Posted on 2017-08-31 11:59:13