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New Roland Pianos Announced

by Ian Fielding. Posted on 2017-09-14 15:51:33

There have been four new pianos announced by Roland - the HP601, the HP603A, the RP102, and the FP60. These pianos are additions to existing ranges and present players with more options to make it easier choosing the right instrument for you.


This new model is now the most affordable model in the HP600 series. It's got their flagship PHA-50 keyboard action that's normally only seen on their more expensive pianos. This is closer to the feel of an acoustic piano resulting in a more authentic and expressive playing experience. It's got the classic Roland SuperNATURAL piano sampling technology on board giving you a realistic piano sound, as well as their 3D Headphone Ambience (this makes it seem like the sound is coming from all around you when wearing headphones, instead of just directly into your ears). Like many pianos now, it's Bluetooth compatable so you can use Roland's apps on your phone or tablet to help learning, and use the piano to stream music through.

Browse Roland HP-601s


This is simply an update on the regular HP603, The difference? The new 603A has Bluetooth Audio, alongside MIDI allowing you to stream music through the instrument, whether that's just to listen to or play along with.

Browse Roland HP-603As


The Roland RP102 is a great quality slimline entry-level digital piano. It's enables budding piano players to learn how to play, and it doesn't break the bank or take up too much space. It's also a good option for experienced players who perhaps use an acoustic piano in rehearsals or lessons, but for whom space is an issue. The RP102 gives you a great a feel and sound but, with its sleek design will fit into slightly smaller spaces. It's Bluetooth MIDI enabled so you can use Roland's apps alongside it, plus it's got a bunch of songs already programmed in it.

Roland RP-102


This is a digital stage piano, loaded with a ton of sounds and features, making it a great option for gigging musicians and studio buffs alike. Whatever sound you're after, chances are, the FP60 has it. It's got Roland's PHA-4 keyboard action, seen on many of their digital pianos and their SuperNATURAL sampling technology which gives you real recordings of a range of acoustic pianos. The piano is Bluetooth compatable - both MIDI and audio so you can use it alongside the Roland apps, as well as stream music through it. Weighing 19kg, it's a lot more managable to carry around than a HP or RP, though you can also buy a detachable stand and pedalboard if you want it as more of a permanent feature.

Roland FP60 in White - stand not included

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By Ian Fielding for Reidys. Posted on 2017-09-14 15:51:33