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NAMM 2017: Taylor Academy A Series & GS Mini-e Bass

by John Taylor. Posted on 2017-01-19 16:39:44

We love Taylor guitars so much, we've got a whole room dedicated to them! As such, we're excited to see the release of a brand new range of acoustic instruments that will mean more players can start their six-stringed journey on a Taylor - the Academy series. They've also explored previously unknown territory by announcing the Taylor GS Mini-e Bass.

The Taylor Academy series is the company's most affordable range of full size guitars yet. With prices starting at 499, you can get a great quality instrument that's going to be amazing for beginners (and will impress seasoned players along the way) with a nice, clear tone. Taylor's idea behind the Academy series was to create 'the best, for the most, with the least' - basically, to create the best instrument that will cater for as many players, by using the least resources to keep the cost down.

The Taylor Academy guitars are simple - if something doesn't really need to be there, it's not there. The result is an elegant range of guitars that play nicely, with great intonation. The necks are sleek and they're fitted with light gauge strings to make it that bit easier for beginners. The armrest makes it comfortable to play, but also allows the top of the guitar to resonate.

The lineup consists of the Taylor Academy 10 - dreadnought, Academy 12 - grand concert, and the Academy12-N - grand concert with nylon strings. All three of the Taylor Academy body shapes feature a solid spruce top and laminate back and sides to give a clear and responsive sound. They're also available with, or without an on-board pickup and as left or right handed models.

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Taylor Academy 10 - Dreadnought

Dreadnought guitars are great all-rounder. Whether you want to use a plectrum or fingerpick, you'll find this body shape does it all well. The Taylor Academy A10 offers lots of punch and a warm low end and responds nicely to playing dynamics. Available models are the Taylor A10 and A10e (with pickup).

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Taylor Academy 12 - Grand Concert

A great option for someone who wants an almost full-length scale but a smaller bodied guitar. The grand concert Taylor Academy A12 lends itself nicely to players with a slightly softer touch, or those who find themselves fingerpicking more often than not. Delicate folk, blues and pop players will love this. For players of smaller stature, this is a good guitar to go for as the neck is slim and the body, combined with built in arm rest are all very comfortable. Available models are the Taylor A12 and A12e (with pickup).

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Taylor Academy 12-N - Nylon String Grand Concert

You'll be hard-pressed to find another nylon string guitar of this quality at this price. The nylon strings lend the guitar a really nice, mellow sound and also are a little softer on the players fingers. This, along with the neck design and smaller body make for a great option for a beginner who wants a really good quality instrument to get going with. It's also a nice option for someone who already plays and wants another reliable instrument with a different sort of sound. Available models are the Taylor A12-N and the A12e-N (with pickup).

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Taylor GS Mini-e Bass

Taylor's first four-string! The GS Mini has been a huge success - they're one of our biggest selling guitars so it makes sense to introduce the bass version. The GS Mini-e Bass is a short scale semi acoustic bass that offers a great sound, both acoustically and plugged in. The bass has specially designed D'addario nylon wound strings and dual pronged bridge pins that help give it a really nice feel and, thanks to the solid spruce top, a clear, defined tone.

The Taylor GS Mini-e Bass is great for either younger players wanting to learn bass, or for older players that something to play around the house, or for traveling with. We expect this to do really well!

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By John Taylor for Reidys. Posted on 2017-01-19 16:39:44