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Taylor Guitars Roadshow is Back at Reidys in April

by Dale Gardner. Posted on 2017-03-27 11:45:58

We're happy to announce that Reidys will be hosting another superb Taylor Guitars roadshow from our flagship Taylor premier dealer room at 7pm, Thursday 20th April 2017!

The Taylor Guitars Road Show is all about guitars, giving you a chance to chat with Taylor factory experts. The shows feature a demonstration of how guitar shapes and woods affect tone, along with personal advice on how to find the right guitar for your playing style. This year they're taking the Road Show to select Taylor dealers across North America and Europe. Whether you're new to Taylor, a longtime Taylor owner, or thinking about getting your first guitar, we think you'll find the Road Show an evening well spent. You can:

• Test-drive the latest Taylor models - a Taylor petting zoo!
• Rare and one-off Taylors available for sale
• Get free TaylorWare gear and Elixir® Strings (while supplies last)

At Reidys, it's our aim to not only provide top-quality instruments, but also to give our customers memorable experiences such as performances from Wilko Johnson, our Reidys Exposure competition and other manufacturer shows. We hope you will come with us to the evening as an experience to know more about your hobby (or profession), music, meet other guitar enthusiasts and become part of the Reidys family! Should you wish, you can directly compare the Taylors against other guitar manufacturers we have in-stock such as Martin and Gibson too. It's just a genuinely fun evening of guitars with fellow enthusiasts.

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook

By Dale Gardner for Reidys. Posted on 2017-03-27 11:45:58