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New Taylor Guitar Showroom at Reidys

by Dale Gardner. Posted on 2016-06-16 14:08:29

We're proud to announce that a brand new Taylor Guitars 'Premier Dealer Room' has been custom built at our store in Blackburn. This is currently the largest dedicated Taylor showroom outside of North America and is the ultimate way to experience this iconic acoustic guitar range. The dedicated humidity-controlled acoustic room has a comprehensive selection of over 80 guitars ready to play, from entry-level Baby Taylors all the way up to sublime custom models. There's literally nowhere else in Europe with a Taylor experience quite like this.

The Ultimate Taylor Experience

But it's not just guitars hanging on a wall, it's an interactive experience where you can explore the variations available with hands-on tonewood and body shape comparisons. Guitars respond differently depending on the person playing it; this room allows you to discover the perfect combination of shape and wood that works for you personally. After all, we all know that guitar playing is a personal experience and not 'one size fits all'.

With dwindling supplies of our planet's natural resources, sustainability plays a huge part in the modern world and you can learn about the future of guitar building and Taylor's green ethos on tonewoods in our new room too. After all, it's very reassuring to know that one of the top guitar brands is taking the lead in securing a sustainable future in guitar production.

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By Dale Gardner for Reidys. Posted on 2016-06-16 14:08:29