The New Gibson Zero Fret Brass Nut Explained

Gibson have introduced a new zero-fret adjustable brass nut on all their 2015 models. Now I know that an article on a new top nut for a guitar may not seem too exciting, but rest assured, this is all good stuff. As I’m sure many of you already know, zero-fret nuts have been seen on guitars in the past but as always, Gibson have taken it one step further to further cement their spot at the top of guitar innovation. Both the nut and the bridge are adjustable meaning that not only can you alter the height of the strings from the fretboard, but you can also tweak the angle of the strings from the nut to the bridge.

Both the nut and the bridge have two Allen screws for easy and quick access. All it needs is a very slight turn with the included Allen keys to adjust the action. By raising the nut you increase the height between the strings and the fretboard and by raising the bridge, much the same happens, only you’re doing so from a different angle. Finding the best action for you is just a case of trial and error. One of the things that makes this new system so great is the fact that both points of adjustment on the nut and the bridge are so easily accessible, there’s no need to slacken off the strings or to unscrew the truss rod cover; simply use the Allen keys as and when you need them.

The zero-fret brass nut is not only adjustable, it also has different tonal qualities to a graphite nut; when you play an open string, it will ring out more like a fretted note. Furthermore, the brass nut allows Gibson’s new self tuning mechanism, G-Force to tune the guitar a lot quicker. All this from a small piece of brass.

So, that’s what it does, the question is; does it make a difference? Well, yes. It’s never been so quick or easy to change the action on your guitar. If you keep the two Allen keys in your plectrum tin or somewhere handy, you can completely change the feel of your guitar in less than a minute. It’s also easy enough to raise the strings via the bridge and the nut to optimise the action for playing slide guitar too. Spend less time fiddling around with your guitar and more time playing it!

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