Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Bass Players

Need a little help thinking of something to buy for your bass playing loved one this Christmas? Help is always at hand here at Reidys. Whether they’re justing starting out playing the bass or they’ve been playing for decades, we’ve got something for everyone. Bass players tend not to need as many toys and gadgets as guitar players but there are still plenty of things that will help put a smile on their face on Christmas morning, so when they’re playing the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, you can say you helped them get there!

Here is our list of 10 of the best Christmas gifts for bass players:

Bass Overdrive Pedal

This is a pedal that you plug your bass into, and then into the amp. An overdrive pedal adds a bit of distortion, or fuzz and grit to a players sound – it’s very popular in rock, metal and indie music. Whatever they’re into, it makes for a great Christmas present for a bass player as it will add another dimension to their sound and help inspire them to try something different. The most popular model of bass drive pedal is probably the Boss Bass Overdrive.

Bass Strings

Bass strings, because they’re a lot thicker than regular guitar strings, are more expensive and so buying them regularly can be hard. They’re a necessity, but a pack or two of new bass strings could be one of the best Christmas gifts for a bass player as you know they’ll definitely use them at some point. It doesn’t matter what kind of music they play, they’re always going to need new strings. Popular brands include Fender, Ernie Ball and D’Addario. If you’re struggling to decide which gauge to go for, a medium gauge is a nice in between for all players.

Bass Case

A nice bass needs a nice case to protect it. If you know someone that takes their instrument around with them a lot then a decent case is a must-have. They start off relatively inexpensive with the Kinsman HFB6 – that will fit most regular bass styles. Then for the more serious gigging bass player, the Hiscox bass cases are great – most of us here in the store have been using Hiscox cases for years. If you’re unsure about which case will fit the bass you’re buying for, take a quick picture of the bass and send it to us in an email ( and we’ll do our best to figure out the best case for it.

Boss DR3 Drum Machine

In a lot of popular music, bass and drums are the foundation upon which everything else is built. A drum machine helps a bass player improve their timing and groove when a drummer isn’t around. It’s a little like a metronome but it gives more of a flavour of what it’s actually like in a real band situation. You can programme it to play all sorts of different styles and genres so it doesn’t matter what kind of stuff they’re into. This drum machine is a good Christmas gift for bass players as it helps them improve and practice, but in a fun way.

Vox Amphones

It’s like a bass amp, but only the wearer can hear it. Let them play away, enjoying the delights of the electric bass whilst everyone enjoys peace and quiet! You plug the headphones into the jack input of the bass and that’s it; no other wires or cables necessary. What’s also great is that the headphones also work regularly so they can use them with their phone or MP3 player.

Orange Instrument Cable

Yes, cables are an every day necessity but a high quality, nice cable is a luxury and as such makes for a fantastic Christmas gift for a bass player. They’re the kind of thing that they might see in store and think ‘maybe next time’, and settle for a cheaper alternative. A good cable enables a clear and pure signal from the bass to the amp and when looked after, can last for years and year. It might be the one they’ve always had their eye on, but never bit the bullet and bought.

Boss ME-20B

This is a multi-effects unit for the bass guitar. What it does is enable a player to completely alter their bass sound, as much or as little as they like. It’s like a whole range of individual pedals put into one box. You can use it to add a bit of flavour and texture to the sound, or to make it sound completely wild and crazy. Bass effects units have become increasingly popular and the ME-20B has so much within it that whatever kind of music they play, they’ll find something within it that they can use.

Tascam CD-BT2

Another aid to practice. This handy little device can be a god-send to a bass player trying to work out other people’s songs and so would make for a great Christmas gift. It lets you slow down a song on a CD, without changing the pitch which makes it easier for a player to listen to it and pick out the correct notes. You can plug the bass into the device too and play along with a CD, plus it features an on-board tuner and effects so the player can adjust the sound to their liking. If you know a bass player that often has to figure out how to play people’s songs then this device could help them along the way.

Complete Learn To Play Bass Manual

Know someone that’s just starting out playing the bass guitar? This easy to follow book has everything you need to point you in the right direction. It starts from the beginning and goes to more advanced techniques. A book like this is extremely helpful to a beginner as it contains everything in one book.

A new bass!

A bass player can never have enough basses. Do they play a four string? A five string? Whichever one they have; take a look at the other. Are they a Beatles fan? If so, then check out the McCartney-esque violin style bass. If you need any help with choosing one, or anything else, our sales team are available on the phone or by email. A new bass is the ultimate Christmas gift for any bass player – the more the merrier!

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