Vigier Guitars Now On Sale

At Reidys, we carry instruments from all over world and recently, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Vigier guitars into our loving embrace. Vigier guitars, under the watchful eye of luther Patrice Vigier are carefully hand made in France and and showcase some quite frankly, outstanding engineering.

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With only 340 guitars made a year, the team at Vigier compare their craft to that of building violins. From raw logs all the way through to the guitars that you can see in our store, the instruments are subject to intense care and attention to detail. Much of the wood used is actually sourced from French forests and is then dried naturally, for up to two years to ensure stability. One or two machines are used to ensure accuracy when cutting the wood but otherwise, it’s all taken care of by human hands. Longevity is also a huge factor; Vigier only want to make guitars that are going to last, so whether you’re a touring musician, session player or just fancy a nice axe to add to the collection, you’re going to get years and years out of it.

The Vigier GV Wood 2H Stonewash in Blue Matte

Vigier Guitars – Pickups

To know how much work has gone into ensuring the quality of the instrument is great, but how do Vigier guitars sound? They don’t make their own pickups, instead opting to choose the right set from the huge choice that’s already out there. They’ve bought pretty much every pickup available and blind tested them to match the set of pickups to each model. Some have DiMarzios, others have Amber, and brands like EMG, Lundgren and Seymour Duncan crop up too. This allows Vigier to concentrate wholly on crafting the actual guitar itself. Also, each pickup is carefully configured to each position, and actually to each guitar so that you get the best sound that possibly can out of your setup.

Vigier Excalibur Ultra Blues Amber

Vigier Guitars – 10/90 Neck

Another unique feature seen on Vigier guitars is the 10/90 carbon fibre neck. This is 90% wood and 10% a carbon reinforcement bar, replacing the traditional truss rod (don’t worry, you can still adjust your action with the saddles). This has a few benefits; firstly, it ensures stability. If you’re jumping on a crowded, warm train, then out into the cold, rainy streets, then setting up underneath hot stage lights, normally your guitar neck will be trying to adjust to all these temperature changes. The carbon fiber bar means that the neck stays just as you like it so you’re ready to play straight away. It also means that the neck won’t move if you change string gauges. Another benefit is that the neck is one solid piece of mass, with no pockets of space where the wood might not perfectly encase a regular truss rod. This increases sustain and resonance, as does the added mass on the headstock, lent by the locking tuners.


Vigier guitars are very high performance instruments, and to say that they’re suitable for {insert genre of music} undermines how incredibly versatile they are. I struggle to think of a style that one of these guitars wouldn’t be able to handle. Like any other brand, they won’t be for everyone but they’ll be spot on for others. I’ve got a fairly extensive wishlist from trying out gear and it’s fair to say that a Vigier guitar will be worming its way on there soon. Vive la France!

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