Yamaha Genos Is Here – The Next Generation of Tyros Keyboard Workstations

The hotly anticipated Yamaha Genos is finally here! As one of Europe’s top dealers, we were invited to Berlin for the launch and had to keep our lips tightly sealed until today. The new replacement for the flagship Yamaha Tyros arranger keyboard series takes everything that was loved from Tyros and brings it to the next level. At first glance, you’ll notice a streamlined, intuitive design with a big 9″ touch display taking the centrepiece – no more button bashing to get where you want to go, just tap the screen; nice!

Tactile and Inspirational

The concept of the Yamaha Genos is to inspire players of all styles and calibres. Whether you’re getting creative and writing music or performing your favourite songs, it’s a musicians dream with every type of instrument you can imagine all packed in to one machine. The sleek new Genos design is more compact, lighter and with the latest Yamaha sound engine, it sounds absolutely incredible too.

Express Yourself

One of the big talking points is the new level of expression you can attain with the Genos’ new assignable control system. With assignable knobs and faders you’re in the driving seat of the music. No menu surfing, no need to break away from playing at all; just tweak your sound at the touch of a button and, if you choose, with your own parameters.

A Genius Sound Engine

The new sound engine blows everything else out the water with nearly twice the amount AWM2 sample ROM as the Tyros 5, plus it also includes the Yamaha CFX and C7 concert grand voices which you’ll find in Yamaha’s flagship digital piano ranges. The new ‘Revo!’ drum voices provide a more natural sounding rhythm parts which is handily triggered by MIDI, giving you much more options compared to the old sampled drums. Also new are ‘Kino’ strings which are perfect for that Hollywood blockbuster score sound including full customisation such as orchestra panning, even rivaling some of the top software orchestra instruments.

There are plenty more sound upgrades which I could go on about such as new brass, guitars, basses, synth voices and more but just take a listen below…

Genos For All

Despite the impressive (and somewhat daunting for technophobes) feature set, the Genos still offers the ease-of-use that every musician can get to the meat of the Genos without getting lost in a sea of menus and button presses. It’s all very, dare I say it… easy. After all, the whole idea of Genos is to inspire creativity, and how could you possibly do that without an intuitive user interface?

It’s safe to say, the Yamaha Genos sets a new benchmark for the keyboard market.

Yamaha Genos Part Exchange Form

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