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About the HK Audio Elements PA System

The first scalable PA system for musicians, bands, and DJs

  • The PA system that grows with you – simply add on more modules as you start playing to larger audiences. Then if you find yourself playing in a small venue you simply take along the modules you need.
  • Lightweight and portable – even a full 3600Watt stereo PA system will fit in the back of a family hatchback.
  • Quick and easy assembly – modules simply clip together, all you need is to connect a power cable and a signal cable
  • Line Array technology delivers incredible volume from such a compact system


Build your own system

From 600 Watts to 3600 Watts the elements system is built from just 6 simple components –

Each 600 Watt amplifier can power up to 4 Mid/High frequency speaker units or up to 2 Bass Subs (or a combination the two i.e. 1 x Bass Sub and 2 x Mid/High frequency speaker units) There is no need to worry about overloading the speaker units – if you connect a single Mid/High frequency speaker unit (150 Watts) to the EA 600 Power Amp (600 Watts) then the amp will only deliver the 150 Watts that the speakers are capable of handling.


There is no cabling required to connect different modules together within any single physical unit – Each component has its own E-Connect bus which handles all the power and signal connections.

Different Speaker units can be interconnected using NL4 Speakon cables (The E 110 Passive subwoofer and the EF 45 Base unit both feature pass through NL4 connectors allowing several physically separate speaker units to be interconnected). Each amplifier unit is connected to your mixer using a standard XLR cable.


E435 Mid/High Unit

The E 435 mid/ high unit is loaded with four 3.5" high-performance speakers developed specifically for ELEMENTS. These four vertically arrayed speakers achieve a very even pattern of throw, with the volume, frequency spectrum, and audio image remaining uniform throughout the audience area. One column may comprise up to four mid/ high units, which are quickly and reliably connected via E-Connect.

E435 details


EA600 Power Amp

Housed in an enclosure that shares the same design as the mid/ high unit, the EA 600 amp module delivers 600 watts at 4 ohms. It can drive up to two passive E 110 Sub subwoofers or one passive subwoofer with up to two E 435 mid/ high units or one column with up to four mid/ high units. The power amp module is ventilated from the front. A rotary selector lets you choose a special EQ setting to match the number of connected E 435s and optimize the frequency response for a column of that height.

EA600 details


EF45 Base

The EF 45 ELEMENTS base accommodates the pole, the power amp module, and the mid/ high unit. The NL4 ports on both sides serve to patch the audio signal in and route it through to further speakers. If you place an amp on its feet, you can connect another passive subwoofer to its Speaker Out port. The NL4 ports on the side panels also let you use a speaker cord to connect mid/ high units mounted on further poles.

EF45 details


EP1 Pole Mount

The EP 1 E-Connect pole lets you place one or even several mid/ high units on the EF 45 base or EA 600 amp. The pole is freely adjustable up to a length of 1.60 meters, so you can set the height as you see fit by engaging its twist-lock fastener. No speaker cords are necessary thanks to the integrated bus.

EP1 details



E110S Sub

The passive E 110 Sub subwoofer is equipped with the same the high-performance 10" woofer as its active sibling. Plug a two-wire speaker cord equipped with Speakon connectors into the NL4 port on the rear panel to connect it straight to an active E 110 Sub A subwoofer or a separate EA 600 amp. The passive and active subwoofers’ enclosures are identical, so they can easily be combined to form one cohesive acoustical unit. The integrated E-Connect coupler on the subwoofer’s top panel also serves as a pole mount for further EP 1, EA 600, and E 435 modules.

E110S details


E110SA Active Sub

The active E 110 Sub A subwoofer is designed to deliver high sound pressure levels. Small yet powerful, the high-performance 10" woofer fits into a very compact housing and supplies a solid, low-ranging bass foundation. Sited at the rear of the enclosure, the integrated amp module delivers 600 watts at 4 ohms. You’ll also find all connectors and control features for connected modules on the rear panel.

E110SA details


Use HK Audio's Elements system configurator


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