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Kawai MP11 Stage Piano

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This is an ex-display model. Tested and fully working, with original box, but missing music rest.

What Kawai say....

The MP11’s Grand Feel keyboard delivers the most authentic playing experience available in a stage piano. However, an incredible action counts for almost nothing if the sound quality doesn’t measure up. Fortunately, superb sound is another area where the MP11 truly shines, with a hand­picked selection of premium voices to cover every stage pianist’s needs.

Stunning acoustic pianos, cherished vintage EPs, and inspiring subsidiary voices – the three essential sound categories, organised as independent sections. The MP11 features more sample memory than any previous Kawai instrument, with a brand new digital signal processor providing the most realistic reverbs, resonances, and effects heard in a stage board.

The MP11’s onboard sounds are organised into three independent sections: PIANO, E.PIANO, and SUB. Each sound section features a hardware volume fader, effects and reverb controls, and four distinctive voice categories, with tonal variations for each type.

Separating the core sounds in this way allows each section to be played and adjusted freely, almost as if it was a self-contained instrument. This unique approach simplifies the creation of layers, splits, and key ranges, while preventing effects and other settings applied to one section from accidentally influencing another.

The PIANO section showcases a variety of Concert, Studio, Jazz, Modern, and Pop grand piano sounds that are suitable for a wide range of musical periods and styles. A traditional upright is also provided for songs that evoke a feeling of nostalgia, or simply call for a slightly more intimate tonal character. And for playing in a live band setting, additional mono piano sounds ensure that the MP11 will cut through even the heaviest of mixes.

The Kawai EX concert grand piano is widely regarded by professional pianists and piano technicians as one of the finest instruments within its class. Hand-built by Master Piano Artisans at the Shigeru Kawai Piano Research Laboratory in Ryuyo, Japan, each EX instrument undergoes a meticulous regulation and refinement process within a specially designed anechoic chamber.

Following this lengthy crafting period, the completed EX concert grand piano receives a final series of rigorous quality inspections, before eventually taking centre stage in the world’s most prestigious musical institutions and concert halls.

The beautiful sound of the Kawai EX concert grand piano is at the heart of the MP11, with all eighty-eight keys of this world-class instrument painstakingly recorded, meticulously analysed, and accurately reproduced as high-fidelity digital waveforms.

Recording each key individually in this way – as opposed to stretching the same tone over several different notes – preserves the rich harmonic character of the EX concert grand piano, and guarantees that the sound heard when playing any one of the MP11’s wooden keys is a faithful representation of the original acoustic source.

When playing a fine piano, the amount of pressure applied to the keyboard affects not only the volume of the sound produced, but also the unique tonal character of each note. Therefore, in order to construct a realistic acoustic portrait of the EX concert grand piano, not only is each key recorded individually, but also at various different volume levels, ranging from gentle pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo.

The MP11 offers a highly detailed acoustic portrait, with Harmonic Imaging XL technology ensuring smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range.

With expanded sound memory, the MP11 boasts the largest sample size of any Kawai digital piano . This ‘eXtra Long’ standard of Harmonic Imaging technology extends the important attack portion of piano sounds by up to 120%, articulating the natural detail and resonance characteristics of each note more clearly, and improving the instrument’s organic tonal quality overall.

The E.PIANO section features a treasure trove of authentic tine, reed, and modern electric pianos. Warm, creamy, smooth, slick, dark, or gritty... whatever the style or sound, the MP11’s vintage EPs are guaranteed to get any player’s fingers moving. A couple of crunchy clavs are also provided to cover most funk needs, while the electric grand – lovingly sampled from Kawai’s own EP308, with all its imperfections – delivers that trademark striking pop sound.

Complementing the MP11’s stunning acoustic pianos and vintage EPs, the SUB section contains additional ‘bread and butter’ sounds that add depth to the performance. Premium quality strings and soothing pads are ideally suited for layering, while the rich electric and acoustic bass sounds are perfect for left-hand splits. Finally, a choice selection of harpsichord and mallet voices complete the line-up, for those occasions that require a specific sound.

Expanded sound memory allows the MP11 to deliver the finest multi-layered, 88-key, extra-long samples available in any stage piano. However when combined with the instrument’s brand new audio processor, sonic realism is elevated to another level. This advanced hardware is responsible for enriching the core sounds with subtle resonances that enhance playing authenticity, and reverbs that build depth and character.

The MP11’s effects system has also been completely rewritten in order to take full advantage of this additional processing power. While most stage pianos offer a handful of effects and limited control, the MP provides over 100 effects (sorted by category), with a wide range of tweakable parameters. Effects can be applied to each sound section independently, with EPs afforded two separate effects blocks for greater flexibility.

The knowledge and skill of an experienced piano technician is essential to bring out the best of a fine acoustic piano. In addition to meticulously tuning each note, the technician also performs numerous regulation and voicing adjustments that allow the instrument to truly sing.

The MP11’s Virtual Technician parameters simulate these refinements digitally, allowing performers to shape various aspects of the acoustic piano sound’s character to suit their personal preferences. Perform touch weight and voicing adjustments, regulate subtle hammer and key release noises, and fine-tune string, lid, and damper resonances – all in real-time.

Virtual Technician parameters are also available for electric pianos, allowing an instrument to sound worn and tired, or brand new and factory fresh.

The tonal character of an amplifier or speaker cabinet is an important comp­onent of any vintage electrical instrument. The MP11 therefore includes an amp simulator within the E.PIANO section, helping to fatten the sound with nostalgic analogue warmth.

In addition to the five distinctive speaker cabinet types, the MP11’s also provides extensive control over the amplifier's drive and volume levels, in addition to dedicated frequency and tone adjustments. It’s even possible to select the kind of microphone used to mic the amp, along with axis positioning and ambiance levels. For vintage keyboard enthusiasts, the MP11’s infinitely tweakable amp sim is icing on the EP cake.

This simulation is modelled on the popular ‘suitcase’ type speaker/amplifier, commonly used for vintage electric pianos from the 60s and 70s, and known for its warm, round tonal character.

In this demo example, the amp sim drive is set to a minimal level, with a slight increase in low EQ. A dynamic mic is selected in the ‘off axis’ position.

After adding effects, adjusting the virtual technician, plugging-in to an amp sim, and tweaking the sound, another piece of the sonic jigsaw involves placing the instrument in an appropriate acoustic setting by applying realistic reverb.

The MP11’s redeveloped reverberation modelling allows players to position them-selves within one of six environments, ranging from a small practise room to an inspirational grand cathedral. The desired reverb depth can be freely adjusted for each sound section, adding detail and realism that bring performances to life.

In addition to the various effects, reverb, amp simulator, and Virtual Technician parameters, the MP11 also provides a comprehensive range of sound editing controls. Direct access to resonance and cut-off, along with full DCF/DCA attack, decay, sustain, and release parameters allow stock sounds to be adjusted to taste.

Octave layering and detuning are useful for ‘thickening’ the sound, while additional vocal, bell, and air sample layers can be applied to add varying degrees of texture to the instrument’s core voices.

With the desired sounds selected and their characteristics adjusted, the final step is to tailor the overall audio content using equalisation. This important process can enhance particular qualities of a tone, reduce aspects that may be less pleasant, or remove specific frequencies altogether.

The MP11’s global EQ controls provide immediate access to a powerful four-band graphic equaliser, with two of the mid-range bands adjustable as a parametric EQ. Alterations are made directly from the panel using the instrument’s four control knobs, with fine-grain adjustments reflected in real-time via the large LCD display.

For touring performers, the MP11 also supports EQ Offsetting, which is explained in greater detail on the Features page.

Full Specification
Keyboard: Wooden keys with Ivory Touch key surfaces
Grand Feel (GF): action with Let-off
Sound Source: Harmonic Imaging™ XL (HI-XL), 88-key piano sampling
No. of Sounds: 40 voices (PIANO x 12, E.PIANO x 12, SUB x 16)
Polyphony: max. 256 notes
Keyboard Modes: Full Keyboard, Upper Split, Lower Split, Zone (adjustable split point/zone range)
Sections: Internal: PIANO, E.PIANO, SUB
External: MIDI (ZONE1, ZONE2, ZONE3, ZONE4)
Reverb: Types: 6 types (Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Concert Hall, Live Hall, Cathedral)
Parameters: PreDelay, Reverb Time, Reverb Depth
Effects: Types: 129 types (23 categories)
Parameters: Up to 10 parameters, depending on effect type

Amp Simulator (E.PIANO only) Types: 5 types (S. Case, M. Stack, J. Combo, F. Bass, L. Cabi) Parameters: Drive, Level, Amp EQ Lo, Amp EQ Mid, Amp EQ Hi, Mid Frequency, Mic Type, Mic Position, Ambience
Virtual Technician: Touch Curve: 6 types (Light+, Light, Normal, Heavy, Heavy+, Off), User1~5
Parameters: PIANO: Voicing, Stereo Width, String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Key-off Effect, Damper Noise, Hammer Delay, Fall-back Noise, Topboard, Brilliance
E.PIANO/SUB: Key-off Noise, Key-off Delay
Temperament & Tuning: 7 types (Equal, Pure Major/Minor, Pythagorean, Meantone, Werkmeister, Kirnberger), User1~2 Fine Tune, Stretch Tuning, Key of Temperament
EQ: 4-band equalizer (Low Gain, Mid1 Gain, Mid1 Q, Mid1 Freq., Mid2 Gain, Mid2 Q, Mid2 Freq., High Gain)
Recorder: Internal: 10 songs – approximately 90,000 note memory capacity Transpose song, Convert song to Audio, Load SMF, Save SMF
Audio: Play MP3/WAV, Save MP3/WAV, Overdub, Recorder Gain
Metronome: Click: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8
Rhythm: 100 drum patterns
Internal Memories: SOUND: 40 memories
SETUP: 208 memories (8 memories x 26 banks)
POWERON: 1 memory
USB Functions: Load/Save: One Sound, One Setup, SMF, All Sound, All Setup, All Backup
Others: Delete, Rename, Format
EDIT Menu: Sound Sections: 98 parameters (Reverb, EFX/AMP, Sound, Tuning, Key Setup, Controllers, Knob Assign, Virtual Tech.)
MIDI Zones: 62 parameters (Channel/Program, SETUP, Transmit, MMC, Key Setup, Controllers, Knob Assign)
SYSTEM Menu: 50 parameters and functions (Utility, Pedal, MIDI, Offset, User Edit, Reset)
Display: 128 x 64 pixel LCD with backlight
Panel Controls: Volume, Line In, PIANO Volume, E.PIANO Volume, SUB Volume, Control Knobs A~D (assignable), Pitch Bend, Modulation
Jacks: Output: ¼” LINE OUT [unbalanced] (L/MONO, R), XLR OUT [balanced] (L, R) with ground lift switch, Headphones
Input: ¼” LINE IN [unbalanced] (L/MONO, R)
Foot Control: DAMPER/SOST. SOFT (for F-30), EXP
Power: AC IN
Power Consumption: 20 W
Dimensions: 1380 (W) x 453 (D) x 188 (H) mm / 54 ?” (W) x 18” (D) x 7 ½” (H)
Weight: 32.5 kg / 71 ½ lbs.

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