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About Ibanez

Ibanez have been offering a variety of guitars to players for over 50 years. To this day they remain committed to designing and producing guitars suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Throughout the years, Ibanez have created a number of legendary series that have stood the test of time, the RG and S series being the two of the most famous. Catering, and indeed specialising in anything from jazz to metal music, Ibanez have been providing for famous players such as Stev Vai, Paul Gilbert, Pat Metheny and George Benson. They were also one of the first brands to start mass producing 7 and 8 string guitars; products which are still very popular today.

Whether you're after an Ibanez GIO or Jump Start pack for getting started, or one of the Prestige series for the stage and the studio, Ibanez will surely be able to cater for your needs.

The Ibanez RG is the most recognizable and distinctive guitar in the Ibanez line, this high-performance machine was built with speed and strength in mind. Whether using a locking tremolo with a sharp action knife edge or a hard tail bridge, the Ibanez RG is a precision instrument. The GIO series was developed for players who want Ibanez quality in a more affordable package

Ibanez AW, EW, Acoustic Packs, G Classical - discover your sound. You just want a guitar you consistently enjoy playing, an instrument that's a pleasure to get to know, and with that in mind have manufactured a product line that includes as many styles and options as there are kinds of players and applications.

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