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Keyboard And Piano Recommendations

Here at Reidy's Home of Music, we stock a wide variety of keyboards from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Whatever it is you are looking for from a basic beginner’s keyboard right through to the most sophisticated of electronic keyboards you will find it here at Reidy’s.

However, if you’re new to the game, or if you’re buying a keyboard for someone else then making the right choice can be a real minefield. So with this in mind we’ve produced this quick guide to help point you in the right direction.

By Paul Nuttall



Entry Level Keyboards

Our entry level keyboards provide a good starting point and are ideally suited to younger musicians. These beginner instruments can still deliver great sounds. Our recommended entry-level keyboards:

If you are just starting out in music but have plans to progress through the grades, a great feature which most tutors recommend is Touch Sensitivity. Touch Sensitive keyboards offer a wider level of expression, similar to what you would find on a traditional acoustic piano. If you intend learning to play the piano, this is a great place to start from as most instructors will recommend you to have a touch sensitive keyboard. Recommended models include:

Keyboards for the Novice and Enthusiast

Intermediate keyboards have more features, such as more sounds, styles, recording, and PC connectivity. These models give you more advanced features, but are still quite easy to learn, recommended models include:

If you're also learning, or used to playing the piano, one of the main considerations is the number of keys your keyboard will have. Most electronic keyboards have fewer keys than you will find on a conventional piano which has 88 keys.

76 Keys - these keyboards have an extra octave over most cheaper models, allowing for more complex pieces to be played:

Keyboards for the more Advanced User

More advanced musicians will tend to be looking for a keyboard which feels and plays just like an acoustic piano. In this case you may want to consider keyboards with ‘Weighted Keys’. Weighted Keys offer a more realistic natural feel - very similar to the experience you would get from a traditional acoustic piano. Such keyboards are also sometimes referred to as ‘Stage Pianos ’ Almost all have the full 88 key keyboard,

Controller Keyboards for use with a PC

Normally termed Midi Controller Keyboards these don't contain sounds but can be used to trigger sounds on other devices, they can also control parameters in programs such as ‘Reason’ and ‘Logic’) click here for a link of our most popular Midi Keyboards

Arranger Keyboards

Arranger Keyboards enable you to record your own songs and layer multiple tracks without the need for a PC. They feature samples of realistic sounding instruments and also provide connectivity to other instruments or devices. Recommended arranger keyboards include:

Synthesizers and music workstations are the next level - all the way up to professional models costing over £1000, with very high quality sounds, abilites to change and edit those sounds, add effects, record and change tracks, and far to many features to list.

Digital Pianos

We can split our digital piano range into several main types :

Digtial stage pianos

We've covered these above, but there are several ranges available, from home models, to professional stage pianos, like the Yamaha CP range and Roland RD models.

Entry level Digital Pianos

Entry-level digital pianos are ideal for those just starting out, on a budget, or not sure they’ll need high-end features. While still at the start of the piano range, they are all surprisingly well equipped, and reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano brilliantly.

We would recommend the Yamaha ARIUS range, and the Casio Celviano range:

Traditional Digital Pianos, concentrating on piano sound and feel

These improve on the entry level models with better keyboard action systems, and sound reproduction, striving to completely replicate a top of the range acoustic piano.

Yamaha’s Clavinova CLP range is the best known and most popular, but Kawai and Roland models also do well. We recommend:

Ensemble Digital Pianos, with many sounds, rhythms,and other features

Yamaha’s CVP range is the leader in this category, with hundreds of sounds, rhythms, styles, song recorder, PC connections, and many more features you’d expect in a high-end workstation.

Compact or ‘lifestyle’ pianos

Most digital pianos have a case that emulates an acoustic piano - but sometimes, you don’t have the space to fit a large piano, or a traditional style would look out of place with your home decor – Yamaha, korg, Kawai and Roland all produce slim line compact models that have all the same features, but in a smaller case, or with a more modern style. While some models do have premium finishes, you don't necessarily have to pay more for a stylish look.

This is just to help you get started – our shop is staffed 7 days a week by highly trained and knowledgeable musicians all eager to give you expert advice on how to spend your money wisely. Why not give us a Call on 0844 579 6320